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Make-up remover is a product used to remove make-up products applied on the skin. More than water and soap, make-up remover does not irritate the eyes particularly when you are removing waterproof mascara and eyeliner. It comes in many different formulation and is very convenient to use.

Ever Bilena Make-up Remover • 80ml • P95.00

My day-to-day activities require me to apply even just a thin layer of BB cream on my face to balance my skin tone and slide on some liquid eyeliner for that bright looking eyes. So at the end of the day, I always make sure to remove the make up residue after washing my face with my favorite facial wash. 

Ever Bilena Advance Make-Up Remover is an oil-base liquid form make-up remover, so you have to shake it well before using.

I use E.L.F. Essential Liquid Eyeliner for the swatch.
• It is supper affordable.
• It doesn't have nasty or strong smell.

• Since it is oil base, your face feels oily after wards.

Other use or suggestion:
• I also use this to wash my brushes. :)

Will I recommend this?
• Yes but I suggest to use it moderately especially when you are in the part of cleaning your eyes.

Will I buy again?
• Yes but I am planning to try other products for comparison. 

Overall, honestly this is my first commercial make up remover because I am used to using Human Nature Sunflower Oil, olive oil, Pond's cold cream or baby wipes to remove my make up. So far, I will give this 4/5. :)

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