• DIY: Valentine Inspired Coffee ♥

10:22 AM

Valentine's day is coming and honestly, it is not just a one day event. Anyone can make everyday like a Valentine's day with this easy, affordable yet sweet DIY I'll share with you today. With just 3 ingredients/tools, you can now impress anyone. Honestly, this idea is sweat proof! :) So let's begin..

All you need are the following...
• Instant Cappuccino Mix, hot water and a mug.

• A piece of paper and scissors


1. Fold a paper in half and cut a heart. 

2. Pour the warm water in a mug then the coffee mix and stir slowly.

3. Place the piece of paper at the top of the mug. 

4. Now, pour the choco powder at the top of the coffee and voila!
Instant Valentine's inspired coffee! Serve it in the morning with a smile and I love you! Hope you get inspired! Stay in love! 


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