EmemV., a warrior on high heels and pink lipstick, dominating the World Wide Web since 2003 as starfairymargaux and w0ohlala in 2008.
She tried to blog about anything that interests and concerns her which are irrelevant to others.
She used Xanga and Geocities as her first platform and gave birth to several blogs later on.
She has been a “j3j3bl0gger” during the “j3j3m0n” days when being a “j3j3m0n” is “K3WL.”
She continues to blog despite of her lousy grammar believing that blogging will perk up her writing and English skills.

EmemV. was born twenty something years ago;
A young mom of two boys;
Gained a few pounds;
A work-at-home mom and a blogger in between;

Persisted on her hobbies in photography, writing, travelling, cooking, reading books and eating;
Juggling between family/mommy duties, teaching, reading books, travelling, etc;
Still tracing the dots in her life;
Continue to blog and gave birth to her newest blogging baby…

(drum roll please)

Here you'll find a little glimpse of her life personal life, evolving tastes, interests and likes..

Random snapshots and snippets of Beauty/Skin Care Review, Books I Read, Foods/Recipes/Restaurants, Fashion, Movies, Travel, Home, Family/Parenting and everything in between.

w0ohlala's purpose...

  • serve as a time capsule of the digital age; 
  • to share my firsthand experience about the products, places, food and  movies I tried;
  • again, to perk up my English and writing skills;
  • to inspire more people;
  • to empower young mom;
  • to promote peace, happiness and love. ♥

Whatever your reason for stopping by, I hope you find yourself inspired.



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