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Belo Intensive Whitening Face and Neck Cream with Kojic Acid and Tranexamic Acid
Size: 50g • Price: P249.75
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My usual skin care is to wash my face with my favorite facial wash, I use Nivea Extra Whitening or Sparkling Glow face wash and I am done, but I guess since as I grow older facial wash is not enough to take care of one's face. Though there are many steps on how to achieve glowing and youthful skin, moisturizers and creams are one of the steps everyone should not avoid.

A good skin care is the best way to look better than putting layers of make up, right?

Today, I am going to reveal my honest to goodness review about Belo Intensive Whitening Face and Neck Cream with Kojic Acid and Tranexamic Acid.

What does it says..
Belo Intensive Whitening Face and Neck Cream with Kojic Acid and Tranexamic Acid is a luxurious skin-rejuvenating face and neck cream with the powerful combination of kojic acid and tranexamic acid that intensively whitens skin. It has SPF30 which further protects against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Kojic Acid is an organic compound and is proven to prevent melanin production. It is the most popular whitening agent used in Japan.

Tranexamin Acid, a peptide, inhibits inflammation and melanin formation. It is ideal for stubborn dark spots that do not respond to other skin lightening ingredients. 

Expertly formulated. Hypoallergenic. Dermatologist tested. Use twice a day with Belo Intensive Whitening Bar for best results.

My skin tone..
I was born to have fair to light skin but not as meztisa as most celebrities. I'd rather say, my skin had improved prior to the usage of different skin care products. Good thing my skin is not really that sensitive, thus it gives me enough freedom to explore and try new products on the market. Oh I also have playful skin color, my skin tends to look darker indoor and whiter outdoor.

My thoughts..
It comes in a cute soap-like or soap-shaped packaging. It's very light-weight but bulky. Plus, it comes with a spatula that will be use to scoop the cream, so no need to worry about contaminating the entire cream. It has strong chamomile scent. Mixture is light to heavy but I am so surprised that it is not really oily. 

After using, I felt my face became softer and yes, a bit lighter.

My wishful thoughts..
I wish they pack it on a smaller bottle or container. I also like the chamomile scent, it is not too strong.

Will I recommend this?

Will I buy again?


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