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Simba Multi-Funcational Infant Food Processor Set • P419.75 to P377.78 (10% OFF) • The Baby Company, SM Masinag

Before Luiz #2 reaches his sixth month, Karwin and I, together with our kids went to the nearest mall in our place a month ago and as usual, I went to the The Baby Company section to check some baby items which we may need in future. I was just looking for a water proof bib and a baby spoon, until a sales lady approached me and offer me this cute and very functional food processor. 

About Simba
Made in Taiwan

Specification and Feature

Babies above 6 months need more nutrients for development. With different utensils your baby can have a healthy and joyful eating experience.

  • Grinder - Made of durable ABS compound ,designed with rough grinding surface.                  
  • Juicer - Its unique design serves to extract a large amount of fruit juice.
  • Mortar - Easy to use made with rough surface for grinding and crushing.
  • Plate - Designed to maintain food sanitation, it also serves with a non-slip suction ring to keep the bowl in place, allowing children to feed themselves independently. 
  • Pestle - Made of wood that contains no scents or harmful chemicals, ideal for crushing the foods.
  • Baby Spoon - Multiple usage with smooth edge, does no harm to your babies

First impression...
• It is so cute and it does many function like crushing, squeezing, grinding, filtering and smashing.

Our experience...
Simba Multi-functional Infant Food Processor Set is the first food processor I ever tried. (I used to process most of Luiz#1's food using a fork and a regular juicer).

What I like...
• I like the spoon very much. It has the right size and it is really smooth.
• You can stack the items together, so no bulky storing. :)
• Cleaning is so easy.
• More than my Luiz#2, I think I am the one who enjoyed using it. Preparing food became easier and fun with the use of this super tool!

What I don't like...
• I think the plate is too shallow.

Will I recommend this?
Definitely, yes.


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