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Laksa or Coconut Curry Noodle or spicy Coconut Curry Noodle is a combination of Malay and Chinese cuisine and is very popular in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and India. 

I tried this Laksa noodle at Mogu Tree House in Marikina a year ago and since then I always wanted to come back and have my big bowl of spicy laksa. Unfortunately, I cannot squeeze it on my schedule not until my cravings drove me crazy. Little by little, I search for the ingredients and luckily, I found Singapore Laksa Paste in Puregold (Nangka, Marikina)

So without further delay, I'll start with the things you need.


1. Laksa Soup
• 1 pack (60 g) Laksa or Curry Paste
• 2 cups Coconut milk
• 250 g Chicken meat (cut into bite size)
• 1 pc Chicken broth cube or 1 liter of Chicken Stock *optional*
• 4 cups of water
• 2 tbsp fish sauce
• 2 tbsp oil

2. Noodles
• 250 g Noodles (Rice Vermicelli or Sotanghon Noodle or Bee Hon / Egg Noodle /Hokkien Noodles)

3. Toppings and garnishing
• 100 g Dimsums (Fishballs or squid balls)
• 250 g Pechay Wombok or Bok Choy
• 250 g Shrimp (remove the head or shell)
• 250 g Shitake mushroom / Enoki Mushroom

1. Laksa Soup
• Heat oil. Add the chicken meat and let it cook until tender but not over cook.
• Add the laksa or curry paste and stir fry until fragrant.
• Add the coconut milk, water, chicken stock. Simmer uncovered for 5 minutes.
• Add fish sauce.

2. Noodles
• Cook according to the pack.

3. Toppings and Garnishing
• Blanch or steam the Pechay Wombok or the Bok Choy
• Steam the dimsums including the mushrooms and shrimp

4. Serving
• In a big bowl, place the noodle first.
• Pour in soup.
• Add the garnish.
• Serve and enjoy.


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