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Aside from the free Pantene 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner which I received the other week, I also received free samples of nappies from Babalab Diaper Artisan.

About Babalab Diaper

babalab = baba(baby) + Laboratory
Babalab diaper is safe, pure and heart-made diaper with a touch of a mother. It feels the cloud-like diaper that makes reliability and love.

Different Start!
• Babalab has the philosophy to research and develop the best products for baby with parent's love, and to sell it honestly. 
• Reflects mother’s care and affection. 
• Father’s craftsmanship with dedicated effort and honesty. 

Different Thinking!
• Premium quality, but Reasonable price by saving profit and saving sales cost through only on-line sales 
• Experienced engineer fathers gathered and developed to solve mother's hope and difficulities by offering the Best Diaper 
• Engineer fathers thought of giving the Best Love and Care for their baby and wife. 

Different Product!
• Made with Natural, Safe and Pure materials with affordable Price. 
• Simple and Unique Designs, Convenient to use and valuable product. 
• Heart-made diaper with a touch of a mother’s love and father’s exploration of its design.

Key Features
1. Air-Laid Wrapping
  - Air-Laid SAP Sheet
     • No leakage of gel
     • Prevent aggregation of pulp
2. Natural Essential Oil Treatment
  - 99% Calendula, Argan, Jojoba, Eucalyptus essential oil
     • Prevent skin rash
     • Enhance moisturizing & anti-bacterial effect
3. Honeycomb / Remarkable Embossing
  - Make embossing on the top sheet
     • Increase air permeability
4. Eco-friendly, Natural Materials
  - No chlorine-bleaching
     • Mild cinnamon scent coated on the package to repel insects
5. Super-soft Silky Cover
  - Back sheet adopt super soft non woven material
     • Reduce skin irritation
6. Multiple Layered Structure
  - Maximize absorption capacity
     • Decrease re-wet rate
7. Miscellaneous Basic Features
  - Urine indicator, double leakage-protection, magic belt (Velcro system), waist band
8. Love and Honesty
  - Different Start, Different Thinking and Different Product


Product Design

• With Different animal character like Rabbit, Cat, Deer and Lion printed in front of diaper.
• Velcro tape with Different colors in each size.
Each size has Symbolic color to easily distinguish. Yellow for Small, Mandarin Orange for Medium, Mint for Large and Mediterranean Blue for Extra-Large
• As baby grows, character animal grows from small and quite to big and strong, which expresses baby's growth.
• Packed in a polybag with cute designs.

Unique Outbox Design
Photo credit here
• For Bulk Packaging (4 Pack per box) the items are neatly pack in a box with convenient
• Carrying handle, simple and artistic designs with Label of Inspection and size.
• On the surface of box, parents' feeling and babalab's philoshophy are expressed by typography.

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