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8:32 PM

Expressing our love doesn't end on Valentine's day, in fact, we can be mushy or cheezy anytime and any day of the year!

This Valentine Inspired Kisses which I will share with you is so easy to do plus you only need four items which I know everyone of you had already. So, let's get it started.

Materials needed:
• any shade of lipstick
• any kind of paper
• scissors
• a pen with the color of your choice

1. Put a generous amount of lipstick on your lips.
2. Then transfer kisses on the sheet of paper.
3. Cut the paper (around the kisses)
4. Write sweet nothings on the back of the kisses.

Extra tips:
 You may put all these kisses inside an envelope then place it on his drawer. You'll make him surprise when he sees it. :)
 You may also send one kiss at a time.
 You may also leave it on unexpected places at home, in the car or inside his wallet.

Additional tips:
 You may write...
      This kiss is for your lips
      This kiss if for your cheek
      And so on and so forth
 Or you may write some pick-up lines...
      Handa akong takbuhin ang buong mundo, basta ang finish line ay ang PUSO mo.
 Or any corny lines you have there.

So that's it, hope you get inspired. Stay in love. 


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