• Welcome 2015, Thank You 2014 ♥

12:10 AM

Happy New Year w0ohla-lovers♥

I'll start with a disclaimer, this is a schedule post or entry, I did this just in case I become so busy or fail to write on the first day of new year..

First of all, THANK YOU! Thank you for being with me since I started blogging on this site. There are so many things I should be thankful to all of you who waste your time reading my articles regardless how terrible my entries are.

As you may know or don't know, I tried to change my blogging site to WordPress but WordPress does not allow Nuffnang to advertise in their website so I came back.

I also tried to connect with my other social networking sites or published my articles automatically at Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram whenever I have entries but I think it do me no good, I end up flooding my friends. (Sarry..) 

But this year, I am looking forward to step up a bit in blogging. I already filtered and proof read my previous entries. Kept those worth reading and interesting then trash everything that is not blog worthy.

So this year, my blog will be about things that I personally try from Make Up, Foods, Movies, Events, and the likes.

So brace yourself for more w0ohlala moments. ♥


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