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Hello w0ohlalovers, it's been a long time since I last updated my blog and I owe a lot from you. The series I made for my Face Of The Day #1 is still in my draft and I promise to complete that before the Valentine. Right now, I was encouraged to write 5 reasons why I blog after reading Jen of Organizedholic Mom's 5 Reasons Why I Blog. In case you also get inspired by this article, please don't forget to comment and share your version. =) I am excited to know why you blog as well. ^_^

So let's start... 

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1. I blog to entertain myself.

Being a work-at-home mom of an active preschooler and a bouncy 5-month old baby can be fun and stressful at the same time. Of course, with this new chapter of my life, watching movie, going out and/or drinking is no longer or will not be definitely on my list of the things I do to make me happy. (Moms like me will undeniably understand what I mean.) So, I blog to entertain myself. Believe me, it's therapeutic. In fact, it is always on the second spot (next to eating) on my favorite things to do.

2. Blogging made my dreams come true or at least made me realize my dreams.

When I was a little girl, I dreamt of being an interior designer, an artist, a storyteller, a writer, a photographer, a chef all in one. Through blogging, I was able to accomplish my dreams little by little. I started making simple DIY, cook simple recipe, take photographs using a low-tech mobile phone and edit/enhance photos not using Photoshop. It also surprised me of the things I didn't know about myself.

3. Blogging stimulates my brain.

It made me think and rethink. Of course, I could not share things which I do not know. It allows me to travel beyond the book, beyond the web and beyond the world (figuratively). It made me use my imagination. It allows my creative juices flow. It made me question my capabilities, my resourcefulness, my artistic side, my influence, and so on and so forth. Blogging brought me into a deeper state of thinking, "What to do next? What to share next? What am I going to say? Or write?" Until I had that one seed of an idea. I start with a piece of paper. Write it down in bullet form and then draft it until I completely finish my thought. Reread my piece. Search for a better word to say. Search for a complimentary picture and the process goes on. Every topic I share on my blog made me live in awe and hungry for new lessons. 

4. Blogging became an extension of myself "online"

I knew for the fact that blogging will put me into a vulnerable position. Exposing myself online will make me an easy target of spamming, phishing, scam and most specially bullying/bashing. But through blogging, I was able to express the truest of me. I was able to share the things that made me happy, giddy, regret, etc. I was able to share my preferences, my likes and dislikes, my evolving interests and taste. It also became a selfless act of giving or helping others by sharing my experience about a certain product or service. I write/blog not to brag but to help you find the best/worst product or service you would regret buying and I offer it for free.

5. Blogging perk up my English skill and thought me a lot.

I used to be a jeje-blogger during the jejemon days. But things has changed when I enter college, when I met people who are good at expressing themselves, when I needed to come up with a concise case study. Blogging polish my flawed grammar. It made me eager to study and learn more. It helped me learn basic CSS, HTML and as the a marketing graduate, it helped me realize the power of social media.

Actually, the reasons doesn't end there. I know some may raise an eyebrow and say I am narcissist, but hey, I love blogging. It gives me pleasure. It stimulates my brain. It inspires me. It taught me to study English. It expands my vocabulary. The way I see it, it could be an online portfolio, an expression of oneself, a platform or a media where you can share your ideas, where you can inspire and start pitching your advocacies or mission or purpose whichever word suitable for you. The way I see it, it could be a network where you meet friends and do business. It could be a supplement to your 15/30 income or when you're lucky enough, you might end up resigning your day job and find yourself earning through blogs. The way I see it, it would lead to multiple jobs. If people would blog there will be an increase in demand for Web Developer, Customer Service, etc. It could be a breakthrough for the younger generation to take the opportunity in earning by doing what they love, I know it could be more, more than I imagine. :)

So, I'd like to end this article with a thank you, thank you for reading this article, for dropping on my blog and I hope you get inspired. :)


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