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Good news to all my fellow planners junkie! 

Mercury Drug Suki Daybook 2015 is already out and available at all Mercury Drugstore nationwide. With just 20 points on your Suki Card, you may claim your own 2015 Mercury Drug Suki Daybook. 

So I got three the other day. One for my husband, one for me and one will be kept as memorabilia. :) I started collecting this Suki Daybook since 2012 and I am looking forward having Suki Daybook each year. What I like about Mercury Drug Suki Daybook is the material they use for it.

This year Suki Daybook is made from matte red binding cover with magnetic flaps and has silver stamps.

The dimension is:
 • Height: 11.25 inches
 • Width: 6 inches
 • Thickness: 0.75 inch

The pages are two colors (red and black), have nice line and the paper is similar to Moleskine®  Planners (I think)

I think the whole concept of Mercury Drug Suki Daybook is to give their loyal costumers a giveaway that is useful and informative.

The pages includes..

...personal information page including some medical question about the owner of the daybook,

...history, advocacies, services and directory of Mercury Drug Store,

...year in a glance page from 2014 to 2016 and 2015 holidays,

...month in a glance,

...an informative page where it tells us how we grow from infancy to adulthood.

It also has a pocket at the back where you can see Mercury Drugstore Coupon. You may also use this to keep your loose sheets of papers such as bills, receipts, etc.

The coupon or discount stub..

You may use this through out the year of 2015 to get discount from buying items such as..
  • Medical tools: Glucose Test Strip, Pulmo Aide Nebuliser
  • Adult Diapers
  • Medicine and multivitamines: Cecon, Berroca
  • Milk: Aqiva, Bonakid, Promil
  • Baby Items from Babyflo
  • Medic Pregnancy Test Kit

I think this planner is best use for monitoring your health condition. You may use this like baby book, where most pediatrician wrote their diagnosis and prescriptions to their patients (babies/kids).

Emem V.

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