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For now, I will be sharing with you a new brand which I tried last March 30 and if you been following me on Instagram or Facebook, you might probably saw this photo below. :)

I bought it last March 29 at Robinson's Supermarket (Metro East) and to share you my thoughts let me first inform you that I haven't change my daily facial wash since 2012 because I think I found my perfect match on Nivea Visage Perfect Glow until one of our family friend gave us one bottle of Human Nature shampoo and conditioner (will make a separate review for these), that was the time I've learnt about the brand.

My thoughts on buying it..
  • I saw it on the shelf and was entice of it because it says that all of its ingredient are organic and plant-derived, that means to say there are no harmful chemicals used in this product.
  • It's not tested on animals and upon looking at it, it has small beads which I think I would really love and it's most suitable for my skin type because it said that it is made for people who have oily to combination skin.
  • The smell is strong orange but not quite sure about elimi has fragrant as well.
  • I bought the smallest bottle and it only cost about P79.75 and another reason of buying the small package was if I will not be able to like it, I will not regret spending so much money for it.
My own experience...
  • When I bought and tried it I was having a skin breakout. I have one big zit under my nose and one on my cheek. The formulation or consistency of this facial wash is not really foamy or soapy, I love the beads but not the smell. (I am not a fan of orange scent. It reminds me of a car air freshener.) After lathering my face with it and after rinsing it, I felt that my skin is a little bit tight, my black heads and white heads are no longer visible and my zits didn't worsen or it only lasted for about 3 days.
  • I tried it for two weeks but after two weeks, I can no longer take the smell of the orange that's why I stop using it.
Will I recommend it?
  • YES. I will still recommend it because I believe that this a good product. I stopped using it not because I did not find it good but I stopped using it because of personal reason such as I don't really like the orange scent. Period. :)
Disclaimer:  I do not sell Human Nature Products and I am not connected to the company nor the person who gave the product to me. I was not paid for my opinion. Thank you.


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