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Hello w0ohlalovers, wheew, Christmas is really fast approaching. Have you completed you Christmas shopping? If yes, well good for you. But do not forget to give something for yourself too. A make over isn't too much for a Merry-Christmas-Gift-To-My-Self, take note of that. :)

Anyway, my today's entry is about my hair.

Date Taken: Dec 19, 2014
And I've been thinking of chopping it months ago. But there are some stuffs that concerns me if I cut my hair. See, I just gave birth last September and I am currently breastfeeding my son. I know a haircut would not cause any harm but if I will undergo a hair treatment there will be a big possibility that the chemicals that will be use on my hair will be bad for the health of my child (and that's kinda threatening.)

So dears, if you know a treatment that is suitable for a breastfeeding mom, please let me know. I want to trim my hair a little for a new look in 2015.

Thanks in advance and stay gorgeous.


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