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Hello there! I am up for another product review about Human Nature 100% Natural Massage Calming Oil and Human Nature 100% Natural Sunflower Beauty Oil. But first things first. I'll give you a heads up, these are two different products so there will be no comparison. (Oryt) Here we go. 

When I was 3 months pregnant, I usually experienced headache and leg cramps which became difficult to tolerate every day. I could not do anything but to put ice pack on my head and ask my hubby to stretch my legs whenever I had that painful leg cramps. Luckily, we received a bottle of Human Nature 100% Natural Massage Calming Oil from a family friend. Human Nature products are made from organic and natural ingredients so it is safe to use. As I give it a try, it relieves my headache and leg cramps without the threat of harmful chemicals. It also has a very nice combination scents of Lavander, Orange and Lemon Grass. It could also relieve congestion due to it minty/zesty scent from Orange and Lemon Grass. Lavander could also make you sleep. I also tried it to my restless son and he loved it as well. He fell asleep in an instant.

What I love: 
  • I love the smell. Though I am not a fan of Orange scent, Lavander, Orange and Lemon Grass a makes a good combination. :)
  • I love the packaging. It looks very sophisticated and expensive but it's not.
  • Price is reasonable for P195.00/95ml
  • The texture or consistency of the oil is also good. It could also serve as moisturizer.
  • The fact that my never had an irritation after using it means it's safe to use for kids.
What I don't like:
  • Well, I can't think of anything wrong about the product.
Will I purchase again? 
  • YES. :)
Will I recommend it? 
  • Definitely.
P.S. I will make a separate review for Human Nature 100% Natural Sunflower Beauty Oil 

Disclaimer: I do not sell Human Nature Products and I am not connected to the company nor the person who gave the product to me. I was not paid for my opinion. Thank you.


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