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10:00 PM

Happy Birthday Kuya Rin ♥

Tonight, we celebrated Kuya Rin's birthday. He is younger than me but each of us (cousins) call each other kuya or ate regardless of our age. Kuya Rin is one of my thoughtful and sweet cousin. He stood 5'10" already even though he was just 14 or 13 (I hope I got it right.) So for his birthday, my mom prepared Menudo, and Tita Cely bought Palabok, Cake, Pichi-Pichi and Crispy Ulo and I prepared some fridge cake. Then we all had a munched. By afternoon Karwin and his Dad picked us up and headed our way home to San Mateo again. Ohhh. Summer vacation is already over and the kids will be going to school in two days. See you soon again in Christmas! (I guess.)

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